NeuroDelta Ltd is a UK company established to conduct Research & Development activities related to Biotechnology. The company holds all of the intellectual property, including the UK registered trademark for Neurodelta, that was developed by Dr Nat Milton during his commercial work as part of the NeuroDelta group. The company also owns a number of websites linked to this activity, which have been redirected to this page. For commercial use of this intellectual property please email NeuroDelta Ltd directly.

The NeuroDelta research and development group used
in silico identification of protein-protein interactions for subsequent development as commercial models for drug and diagnostic discovery. The in silico identification techniques also aided in the design of specific peptide aptamers that recognised the specific molecular targets being studied. The in silico identification techniques were commercially developed by Dr Nat Milton. The commercialisation plan for this technology won the UCL Entrepreneur's Challenge competition in 2003 and this led to the formation of the original NeuroDelta Ltd company. NeuroDelta Ltd was based on using the in silico identification techniques combined with laboratory expertise in protein-protein interactions relevant to Alzheimer's disease and led to patents being processed linked to antisense peptides as therapeutic compounds for Alzheimer's disease.

The technologies developed by the NeuroDelta group have been widely used in the discovery of novel peptides that have been developed as potential drugs. The kissorphin KiSS-1 metastasis suppressor protein derived peptides were identified as amyloid binding and the work covered in a UK patent for the use of kissorphin peptides in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, Creutzfeldt Jakob disease and Diabetes Mellitus, that was granted to the University of Roehampton [
GB2493313 Patent]. Amongst the other compounds identified by Dr Nat Milton are the antisense amyloid-ß peptides and phosphorylated amyloid-ß. Compounds commercially developed from these techniques include the kissorphin peptides, which inhibit amyloid-ß, amylin and prion protein fragment induced neurotoxicity in vitro, plus the R9 peptide, which inhibits catalase interactions with amyloid-ß fibrils.


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